X-Team Training Regimen

(Out of Character Note: We don't expect everyone to play out every bit of team training. But if you neglect to play out any training at all, you may find your character thrust into a situation they are ill-equipped to handle. Just something to keep in mind!)

Team Meetings: While an emergency meeting may be called at any time by any team member, regularly scheduled meetings are held once a week to discuss issues, current events, internal affairs, so on and so forth.

First Aid Training: Held monthly after the first week-long course. Everything from bandaging and treating wounds to CPR, etc, etc, etc.

Workouts: Power-free physical training that includes endurance, running, weight training, swimming, weightlifting, so on and so forth.

Power Training: Two evenings a week, though additional private training is available, team members are instructed in the use of individuals powers and how they may work with other members of the team to make productive use of power combinations throughout the group.

Team Exercises: On the nights when power training is not in session, team members are brought to the simulation chambers and run through various combat and tactical scenarios where the objective is to meet a goal by working as a team, some familiar, some alien (both figuratively and literally speaking.).