Cobalt Hill X-Team

(Out of Character Note: You may have up to two characters on the X-team at any time. However, you may only use one at a time for any plot or mission-related roleplay.)

The Cobalt Hill strike team is the first and last line of defense for the complex. Their initial responsibilities include eliminating threats to the campus that may be too powerful for security alone, in addition to any missions deemed appropriate by Marcus Gains, whether they be combat, subterfuge, or information gathering. The team is divided into two groups, one whose primary objectives are defense, combat, etc., and another whose primary obectives are information gathering, support, transportation, etc.

When an individual is recruited to Cobalt Hill's strike team, they are issued three items: an identification card, a cellular phone, and a copy of the X-Team Guidelines as written by Marcus Gains. The card may be used to access special training programs in the simulators as well as the equipment lockers and special vehicle section of the parking garage. The cell phones issued to X-team members are special -- highly durable, untraceable, with the ability to send and receive calls and texts between team members and Marcus Gains.

Marcus Gains will accept any capable individuals onto the X-team so long as they are affiliated with Cobalt Hill, whether they be trainees, staff or residents. Just keep in mind that the chain of command will be according to team experience.