Rules of the X-Team

* Respect Your Teammates: Look at the person to your left. Now, look at the person to your right. You may not like them, but you'll all be watching each other's backs from here on out. You don't have to be friends, you don't even have to like each other but you are expected to maintain a professional relationship. After all, working as a team could very well be the difference between life and death. All team members are expected to respect the decisions made by the team captain and team leader.

* Know Your Role: There are times when one individual's specific abilities will be needed over another's. Do not gripe. Do not bitch. Be ready and open to back off and allow someone else to take the reigns when it comes to ducking out and allowing someone else to do their job. Everyone will be given the opportunity to demonstrate the usefulness of their unique talents and their ability to aid the team. All team members may not be called for all missions.

* Don't Be an Idiot: Simple and to the point. If the situation looks grim, there is no shame in turning and running in order to come back and overcome it when you are stronger and able. Some things are not meant to be handled alone -- this is a team effort, after all. Never act on anything unless it's been talked over with other team members. Do not attempt to go at something by yourself, or else the consequences could be dire for all of us.

* Body Count: Low: Lethal force should only be used when necessary. While loss of life is sometimes unpreventable, it should be a last resort. If someone is aiming a weapon at you and you cannot relieve them of their weapon, it is considered a direct threat on your life and you may respond accordingly.