X-Team Resources & Equipment

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Each member of the XTeam will be issued the following uniforms (One Combat, one Stealth). Please note that Trainees/Prospects will NOT have the Cobalt Hill Badge on their uniforms. This will be issued when the candidate is finally promoted to the actual roster.

The uniforms are of a tightly woven, breathable fabric that is resistant to medium pressure, though certainly not stab/knife proof. A microphone is sewn into the collar up against the throat that is always transmitting on a frequency determined by the Technopath of the team.

Reinforced segments are located on thighs, upper and lower arms, chest, back, lower legs. Reinforced segments can resist small knife puncture at normal assault pressure.

Customizable Aspects (Items can be customized to a certain degree, darker shades which fit the colour scheme):

The Simulation Chamber: X-team members have the highest priorities when it comes to using the simulators for training purpose. However, if it is found that they are using their heightened access to the simulator for recreational use, they will have this privilege stripped.

Cobalt Hill Equipment Vault: X-team members are given cards which they may use to check out various pieces of training and mission equipment. This list is incomplete and only offers some examples of what is available.

(Note: Firearms and live ammunition are only issued when there is a distinct possibility of a situation in which powers will be inhibited.)

Vehicles: Vehicles available for mission use include one black SUV and several civilian cars.