The Shield of Humanity

The Shield of Humanity

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Plot Name: Blood in the Snow

Timeframe: Sept 17th 2013

Characters Involved: Ethan. Aisling, Sunder, Fawn, Dillion, Daniel Mystque

Synopsis: A group of Anti-Mutant Radicals set out to purge Salem of it's walker population, whilst preaching there Anti-Mutant Speech.

Log Below

<Dietrich_Kappel> | The Scene was Salem Public Park in the township of Salem. The Faux snow had continued to fall, as walkers wandered aimlessly through it. Some people still walked through the park, but most avoided it. While the walkers hadn't proved violent unless provoked most people were just plain freaked out by them. However three green pick up trucks could be heard roaring down the street. Each one would begin to circle the park. There beds loaded with at least five or six people each. Men mostly armed with bats, clubs hammers and such. Dressed in black jeans and olive green t-shirts.|
<Dietrich_Kappel> | They could come to a halt as the men in the back of each one would start to jump, and climb out. One man remained in the back of the middle truck. A slim man dressed like the others, with brown hair combed back against his head. He'd lift a white and blue mega phone queueing it up to test it before clearing his throat then speaking. "PEOPLE OF SALEM YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE!"|
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<Dietrich_Kappel> |"We are the Shield of Humanity and we have had enough!" He'd cry out into the Megaphone letting it echo in the darkened area. Some few people that were out peered over at him, the doors of houses across the street began open, and windows were pushed up. "A blight has come to our city!" Two of the baseball bat armed men stayed by the middle truck as the others started making there way into the back, and well..towards any walker that was unlucky enough to be close to them.|
<Dietrich_Kappel> |"A scourge that we were foolish enough to welcome to our very bosom, a plague that lives and breaths in our city." As the speaker continued the first attacks could happen. Walkers were savagely sat upon by two or three men at a time. The crack of bats smashing against there skulls and bodies landed with sickening crunches. "You need only look around you to see what this sickness, this cancer has wrought! Snow in the Summer unnatural creatures wandering out streets and terrorizing our people!"|
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<Dietrich_Kappel> | "What could use this you might ask? Who could profit from it? I'll tell you friends, MUTANTS!" The ichor that made up the insides of the walkers would stain the snow as the beatings were relentless on each target. Unceasing until skulls were shattered and bodies were broken. "This isn't the first time the Mutants have Salem have caused chaos to be born in our town, and it won't be the last!" DEad or beaten innert walkers would be dragged to the streets and tossed to the curve. "They continually disrupt our lives, and terrorize you and me! The Average Man, Woman and child of this fair city!"|
<Dietrich_Kappel> What could do this*)
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* Aisling happened to be coming back from the mall on one of the rare trips into town she took to keep from going stir crazy. She had been waiting at the bus stop with a couple of plastic bags in her hands when the trucks pulled up, and stared in horror as the beatings commenced. When the speaker accused mutants of being the cause she glanced around self consciously and hurriedly tugged the sleeve of her hoodie down to hide the SND on h
<Dietrich_Kappel> | "You might say it's not the fault of these genetic defects, but you only need look at our towns history. Our city was never disrupted as many times as it has been, since we allowed this tumor to fester in Crowleys and in the Cobalt area!" Slowly but surely, one by one the olive shirt clad men would start to clear out the park of walkers completely. There boots crunching through the snow, as they stained there weaponry. "It's a clear they cannot, and are not willing to solve problems they cause!" The slim man would lick his lips on the back of the truck before continueing. "Why should they? They live in a fortress safe from the chaos and confusion they wrought!" |
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<Aisling> SND on her wrist
<Dietrich_Kappel> | "They cannot be trusted, they are not our friends, they are not our loved ones, they are THE ENEMY!" That last word screamed into his megaphone. "It's time to cut out the dead wood, to cure this disease." The attacks would continue unabated into the inner most of the park as one by one the walkers in the parks fell. The front doors of houses would open across the street as he people wandered out to listin to the speaker, and watch as his men cleared the park |
* Aisling glanced around as the massacre happened, gauging the reactions of the bystanders. Surely they wouldn't be taken in by such brutality, but she knew better. She had been raised in a family of mutant haters mob mentality was all too familiar to her. Still almost twenty minutes before the bus was scheduled to arrive she felt a bit trapped.
* Ethan` steps out of the pizza place and looks at the SOh thugs "Excuse me!"
<Dietrich_Kappel> | "They've done nothing to help our town, they only bring us pain and suffering! Remember friends just a year ago Mutants were respondsible for the supposed Fairy attack! Which we all know was nothing more than a gang war between two groups of mutants. Remember how badly our town suffered? Cut off from the outside world, the mayor killed. I SAY NO MORE!" The bodies on the side of the street began to pile up. "It times to take back whats ours! It's time to cut out this disease before it can poison our heart and threaten us anymore! We The Shield of Humanity are here to protect this city! We are here to drive out this infestation they have brought!" He'd say motioning to the dead or inert pile of walker bodies. "We are in here to protect you and your childeren from these agents of Satan!"|
<Ethan`> "Hey asshole, we're human too, pigfucker"
* Ethan` just sits there, eating his slice as he glares at the SoH thugs
* Aisling heard Ethan's familiar voice and froze. Surely he couldn't be that idiotic.. Nevermind. He could. She turned and pulled her hood up hoping he wouldn't recognize her and point her out. Confronting them was just going to get the mob on their side.
<Dietrich_Kappel> | While the speaker might ignore Ethan, the two men guarding his truck would shift a little so they faced him, each one dressed in black jeans, and an olive t-shirt. One black one hispanic. They would scowl at him. "They refuse to solve the problems they cause! They have only brought us pain and suffering! I say NO MORE! NO MORE SHOULD BE AFRAID OF PROBLEMS THEY CAUSE! NO MORE SHOULD WE FEAR BEING CAUGHT IN THE CROSS FIRE OF A MUTANT GANG WAR!" Screaming the Megaphone as the park was finally emptied of walkers, a macab sight if they'd been truly human as bodies piled up to the side of the street. It was then that the speaker turned to the shouting boy. "You hear me Mutant! We aren't afraid of you anymore! This is our Town!" Pointing directly at Ethan. "THIS IS OUR WORLD AND YOU AND YOUR DEMONIC BROTHERS HAVE NO PLACE IN IT!" |
* Ethan` shrugs, and nonchalantly continues eating his pizza
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<Ethan`> "Why don't you guys go home, and start lookign fo rjobs. You obviousl yhave wayyyyyyyyyyyyy too much free time on your hands"
* Aisling pulled out her cell phone and started dining all the staff members she had in her phone. She hoped to stop this thing before things got out of hand. If she couldn't reach anyone she'd call 911
<Aisling> Dialing*
<Dietrich_Kappel> |"We are deliverance! We are the Shield! We are Humanity!" He call out as twenty some odd bat, club, and hammer weilding men would start to gather up after piling the fallen walkers up on the side of the road. "A new day has dawned by friends! We will clean up this mutant born mess, we will drive these walkers from our town. We will stand up to there inhuman genetic Freaks that caused this problem. We will not be pushed around anymore! People of Salem we are your neighbors, Your cousins, uncles, mothers, and fathers. We are the sons and daughters of humanity..and we will SAVE THIS CITY!"|
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* Aisling quietly relates the scene over the phone to Dillon. "There are men riding up people in the park. And Ethan is here and challenging them. I'm afraid someone's going to get hurt."
<Aisling> Riding=riling
* Ethan` finishes his slice and smiles at the men
<Ethan`> "well, why don't you get started?"
* Ethan` just stands there, pulling ambient heat out of the environment
<Dietrich_Kappel> "Unlike these mutants, these supposed friends of ours we are going to solve the problem they are the cause of! We are going to crush this blight under the rightous boot heel of mankind, and then we will expose these vile..things called mutants for what they truly are!" The gathered men would let out a unified cheer, some thrusting there gore splattered make shift weapons into the air. A few would gaze in Ethans direction, mutterances of "Mutant scum." "Mutie freak!" "Devil Spawn!" Could be heard as a few would throw rocks towards the pizza holding High schooler. "Friends! I understand your eagerness, but we have other parts of the city to cleanse before we can rip the roots! LEt this freak of nature stew, while we rip that human mask off him, and rest of his inhuman kind!" The speaker would call out to get a handle on things.|
* Ethan` ducks the rocks and assorted trash and as the fusilade abates he grins
<Ethan`> "ok, My turn"
* Aisling listened to Dillon and then glanced briefly over her shoulder at Ethan, still trying to hide for the most part. "He hasn't seen me yet... I'm scared... But I.. Oh no. It's started."
* Ethan` stretches his hand out and a ball of blue energy forms and BOOM! it fires out at the leader fo Shield, dead center of mass
<Dietrich_Kappel> | While he hadn't expected to be fired upon, the speaker would twist to the side, partially ducking as he turned to avoid the energy ball. Crying out as it struck his shoulder. Searing part of his shirt and blistering up his skin. "GAH!" Could partially be heard over the Megaphone. About six of them would break off towards Ethan then, three with bats, one with a shovel and the other two weilding ball pen hammers. "See! YOU SEE! They attack us for cleaning up there mess!" The speaker would manage after a moment jerking himself free of the four or so men that had jumped up into the back of the truck.|
* Ethan` charges another volley
<Ethan`> "Leave now, while you still can"
<Dietrich_Kappel> | Turning away from his Megaphone with a pained grimace on his face, at his burned shoulder, he'd say. "Are you getting this?" The man sitting behind the wheel of his truck would nod holding up a cellphone camera. "THEY HAVE STRUCK FIRST! DRAWN BLOOD!" The speaker would call out over his Megaphone. The men would start to shout, and scream in rage at there speaker being attacked. The six closing in on Ethan would form a C shaped ring as they moved towards him more of them breaking off to move towards that closing in group. |
* Ethan` unleashes the second volley at the tightly packed crowd of racist thugs, not pulling any punches
* Aisling just stared unbelievingly, one hand holding the phone to her ear, the other covering her mouth.
<Dietrich_Kappel> | And those would connect hitting two of the men advancing on Ethan the hardest. Shirts bursting in flames as there flesh was seared and the men were thrown back on the ground with a thud. "JOHNATHAN!" The speaker would shout pulling his megaphone away from his lips as the two went down a third would stagger back his left arm burned as he dropped his hammer. "Fuck this." He'd say as he'd reach around behind him and pull a pistol from the back of his pants. The four men that were moving to join the other six closed in on the two downed men.|
* Ethan` roars as he extends his Thermokinesis and sucks the body heat form the nearest thug and projects it as a gout of plasma, becoming a living flamethrower
<Dillon> Had hung up long ago cause earpiece or not, he was a sensible driver! No distractions, especially not now, not in a case like this. He had to get Aisling out of there and to safety, try and distract the group... get Ethan out of there. Hopefully the X-Team got his message. He of course got the directions from Aisling and would pull up to her. "Get in. I'll try to get to Ethan..."
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<Aisling> It took her a moment as she was in a state of mild shock, but when she blinked at Dillon and recognition showed on her face she hurriedly climbed into the car. "He really means to kill them, Dillon. He's completely insane."
<Dietrich_Kappel> | BANG! BANG! Two shots would be fired at Ethan in rapid succession from the man whose arm was seared. The other three skittering back and spreading out incase Ethan fired on them again. The other ten men had now pulled there spokesman from the back of his truck, and formed a sort of living shield around him, while two men each made to drag there wounded and downed comrade away. The man with the gun had stood his ground and a third BANG! Could be heard as he fired again before his body was covered in hot plasma.|
* Ethan` jerks and the plasma stream abruptly ends as the teenage boy falls back into the not snow
<Dietrich_Kappel> |The Man covered in the Hot plasma would scream as he burned, his gun falling to the ground as he writhed in pain, before falling onto his side unmoving. The Shield of Humanity collecting the two downed men as they loaded them into the back of the truck, along with there spokes person. THe sudden outbreak of violence and the death of one, and critical wounding of two more..sending them into a retreat of sort. "GET OUR TWO MEN OUR OF HERE! THERES NOTHING WE CAN DO FOR NATHAN!" He'd call out..naming the unmoving burning one it would seem.|
* Aisling gasped, jumping twice as the shots went off. They were quieter and somehow less impressive than the movies, but the results were the same her eyes teared up as Ethan fell backwards and she just stared for a moment, mouth agape, unable to even breathe.
<Dietrich_Kappel> | The truck loaded with the two wounded men, and the leader would speed off, along with another one following it. One would stay behind, the drive jumping out as the three remaining guys from the group that had closed in on Ethan moved to there own downed comrade. The Driver hurriedly dialing 911 |
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<Dillon> It had been ages literal ages since he last used this body and his powers in tandem. He could only boost one thing on this body at a time. He went for speed. Get in there, get Ethan out and rush back. But before he could channel up the power that last gunshot rang out. Followed by the loss of heat in the air and the lessening scent of plamsa... Dillon, grimaced and yelled, rushing to
<Dillon> the boy's side, and checking vitals. There was nothing he could do... nothing... He couldn't heal something like this.
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* Ethan` is bleeding heavily, looks liek the shooter had him in clean in the throat
* Ethan` just looks at Ais, sadness in his eyes as he looks at the girl, before going limp
* Aisling just sat in the car watching through the windshield. It felt less real that way, like watching it on TV. Her cheeks were wet and her palms were sweaty. She rubbed them on her hoodie, but the just wouldn't dry off, why wouldn't they dry.
<Dietrich_Kappel> | "One of our menned downed him, I-I think Nathnial is dead." The Shield of Humanity member would say into his cell phone. "The others are on there way to the hospital." One of the three would poke the charred body of there most certainly dead brother, before stareing over at wher Ethan and Dillion were. "BAsh his head in and make sure." He'd scowl. "Yea.." Another would say. "Kill the mutie freak!" The third would chime in.|
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* Sunder The black magnum would come roaring down the street, spikes bolted to the bumpers glinting in the streetlight. He'd been given a rough idea of where to go, and the massacred walker bodies were a decent sign he was on the right path
<Dillon> Ethan's powers were volitile... He couldn't risk it, not with how little he knew of the nature of how Ethan`s body would react. The most he could do right now was remove his blazer and use it to stem the blood flow. A throat wound, too grievious, and growing more and more dire by the second - nay nanosecond. He had to do it, it could very well hurt or even kill him. He couldn't with the
<Dillon> enemy still behind him and threatening to bash Ethan's head in. "I suggest you leave now..."
* Daniel`Mystiq sat in the passanger side, blinking as he saw the walker bodies they passed on their way to the scene "What the hell is going down?"
<Dietrich_Kappel> |"Out of the way freak, it's time to make sure this rapid dog stays down." One of the men would say as the three started to close in around him. "He killed a good man, we are gonna make sure he doesn't get the chance to kill again!" One weilding The dead mans dropped hammer would say as he squatted to pick it up.|
<Sunder> I was told a riot, why not smash zombies while you riot? (The metal head would pose while throwing that big heavy wagon around a corner, creating plenty of noise. And pointing them at the two opposing groups. He'd bring it to a screaching halt before throwing the door open and getting out. He wasn't in uniform, everything was packed in the bag. He'd have to wing this one "The bloody fookin 'ell is goin on 'ere?!"
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<Dillon> "Your target is down." Dillon narrowed his eyes and clenched his fists, standing over the body. "I suggest that you leave." He pointedly told the SoH, they killed the boy, they would not deface his body.
<Dietrich_Kappel> "Our man doesn't get an open casket neither does he." Gripping his base ball bat tightly in bother hands, the middle one with a shovel would jump back at Sunders arrival. "This don't concern you!" He'd snap as the actually took a swing at Dillion with his Ball-peen hammer! |
* Aisling hadn't realized her throat was so dry until she tried to ask Dillon what she should do and the only thing that came out was a garbled squeak.
<Fawn> Riots. Word of that sort of thing spreads, and quickly. Good people lock their doors, call the police, hide... Other people? Other people seek to solve things. It doesn't look official, not by a long shot, the leather trenchcoated figure on the back of the ducati, screaming through the streets towards the ever-worsening disaster. And above the noise of the engine, above the noise of
<Fawn> the rumbling crowd, rises a high, pure sound that Demands attention. Listen to me, it says... Stop everything, and listen.
<Dillon> His arm snapped forward and Dillon grabbed the man by the wrist. He then called upon his boost and heightened his strength, giving the SoH a sharp squeeze and a twist. Not hard enough to break the arm at the moment, but enough to let it be known that he wasn't messing around. "Go home to your shepherd."
* Sunder Throws his bag on the ground, pulling the tazer out quickly. Sure he had one built in, but this one was far more reliable, and didn't leave him a helpless wreck on the ground afterwards. "Everyone concerns me! Next one to take a bloody shot gets a 'undred thousand volts! Fights bloody fookin over i'll see to that!"
* Daniel`Mystiq hopped out with Sunder, following along beside him.
<Aisling> "Sun-Sunder!" Aisling called out from the passenger seat of Dillon's car. "They shot Ethan!"
<Dietrich_Kappel> | The man with the Shovel drew back, about to rush Sunder and take a swing a him, the hammer weilding guys gave out a yell at the sudden twisting of his arm. The third with a bat lifted it to strike at DIllion, but both men were given pause by the one by the truck. "CUT IT! The cops are on there way Get out of here!" He'd yell to his friends, the two not grabbed would stare for a moment, Rage burning in there eyes, but they would back down the other jerking his arm loose if they were able, as the keys to the truck was tossed to one of them..and the three would move to get into the truck and leave. Leaving the one with his cell phone out and the dead one behind. The one that was alive and left behind would be bald, apparently of mixed race with moca colored skin, blue eyes and built like a body builder. His olive colored shirt hugging his body tightly. |
* Fawn has a hood up- probably wise given the situation, so she's really just a willowy figure cloaked in leather, brief glimpse of leather-booted foot visible as the coat blows back when she brings the bike skidding sideways to a halt and swings her leg over to dismount. The woman never stops singing, though, not until the last of the anger had either left the vicinity, or faded.
* Ethan` twitches,
* Ethan` is moving abit, the blood aroudn his throat is foamy,
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<Dillon> He wouldn't break the arm but Mr. Hammer wouldn't be using it without some ammount of pain for a few weeks. "Deal with this please." Dillon informed the team members, nodding towards the remaining SoH. He turned back to Ethan at the sounds and made up his mind. "I've kept myself alive for over two-hundred years... I can buy Ethan a few hours... I will go unconscious for the duration
<Dillon> of this treatment... Please bring my body along with you." And with that he would walk back over to Ethan and kneel next to the boy once more, bringing a hand to the kid's throat. Moments after he made contact Dillon slumped over.
* Sunder Would level the tazer at the man, sure a shovel gave the man a good four foot reach, tazer gave him three times that easy. "On your bike! Get yer arses 'ome! Get 'im in the back, load up we're 'ittin the 'ospital!"
<Dietrich_Kappel> |The ones with the make shift weapons had beat feet, the remaining SoH was unarmed. Closing his cell-phone he'd cross his arms watching, as the tazer was leveled at him. He would stand unmoving. "Everyone will know what that little freak did, about the good men he attacked while we were cleaning up the mess you freaks made." He'd say as he scowled at thm.|
<Fawn> [did they take the body?]
* Aisling bit her lip, she just wanted to curl up in the floorboard until everything was back to normal, but she needed to be brave, find her courage. She opened the car door and stepped out, wiping her cheeks with the sleeve of her hoodie "Sunder. What do you need me to do?"
<Dillon> Ethan's and Dillon's? Both are alive, just non responsive>>
<Fawn> [the toasty one]
<Dietrich_Kappel> (NOpe they left the dead body for the cops hence one staying behind)
* Fawn ceases her more soothing song once the imminent danger of more violence has eased, leaving only a single man to yell at them. "Were there but more love in this world, more understanding, none of this might have happened." The words, with a power behind them like a sledgehammer, are all but flung through the air at the olive-skinned man even as she paces towards the crisped figure on the pavement. "Hate did this."
* Sunder Keeps the tazer levelled incase shovel man changes his mind "I'm getting an injured man 'elp, i'm not the one to be angry with mate." He takes a quick glance "The two down, load 'em in the motor fast." he'd issue the command, and glances to the woman who had arrived with the good voice "Someone who bloody gets it! Thank you! Now double time it, lets get everyone 'ome now!" he'd back away a bit, lowering the
<Sunder> tazer hoping shovel man got the message.
* Daniel`Mystiq eyes widened when he spotted Ethan on the ground. Jesus...When Sunder levelled his tazer at the straggler he looked up to watch him as well "Just go. You're out numbered here, your friends left you behind, why don't you go catch up with them?"
<Aisling> "Daniel. Help me with them. There's no way I can lift them by myself." she asked as she started to walk towards their bodies trying hard not to look at the gruesome remains of the dead man.
* Daniel`Mystiq nodded, stepping forward to lend a hand, taking care to be as gentle as possible "Right.."
<Dietrich_Kappel> |The last SoH member held his ground, but didn't move to attack anyone simply watched. In the distance Sirens could be heard coming, some louder and faster than others, making it clear it that both the cops and an ambulance was on the way. "He was right. He said you freaks wouldn't let us clean up your mess without attacking us, and by god he was right." Is all he would say.|
* Aisling took Ethan's feet it'd be the lighter end for her she felt her stomach churning a bit at the sight of all the blood she'd likely be puking later. Her mind was still sufficiently shocked that the fact she was on probation didn't enter her mind as the sirens grew closer she was just happy to hear them.
<Fawn> "Expectation often breeds results." She sighs quietly, the sound musical, then turns back to look at Sunder. "Whatever happened, the witnesses all need to remain until the police get here..." There's the voice of someone who's dealt with this kind of mess before, from the sounds of it.
* Sunder Moves to help finish loading the two downed men as he looks to fawn "You see that neck wound? Means i'm not waiting... (he looks to aisling, then back to fawn) Promise me you'll keep 'er safe.
<Dillon> Despite the grievious wound and loss of blood, Ethan seems to be holding on, not well, but he is still alive. Dillon was unresponsive but he was fine in ever other manner.
<Fawn> "I'll do my best." That's all she can promise. Of course, unless someone knocks her down or out, she can handle most anyone within earshot, thankfully.
<Aisling> "wait, Sunder, before you go. Dillon texted me before he did... Whatever he did. He needs to be with Ethan when he's healed." she informed and then glanced at the unfamiliar lady curiously.
* Sunder Looks at the two men in the back of the wagon "Well thats ethan.. Tell me the other one is dillon then." Looks to daniel "I'm just 'eadin back, want to stay with these two? I'll be back to give everyone a lift as soon as these blokes are in proper 'ands."
<Dietrich_Kappel> |The lights of the oncoming Police and Ambulance can be seen on the otherside of the park now, as they neared the corner of it..they were only two turns away from the scene of what just went down.|
<Fawn> "You might want to just put them both in the ambulance. Using standard emergency procedures always looks better in this kind of situation." She'll glance back over towards the anti-mutant militant. "You'll be able to provide contact information for your friends, I hope? The police will need it."
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<Sunder> Sanctum is better equipped for mutants. (he sighs) .. if they weren't just around the corner i'd be ignoring you. (he looks at ethan for a long moment.) looks like 'e might be 'oldin for now but.. 'ell that's one bad wound... What the bloody 'ell 'appened, I was told there was a riot not.. this
* Aisling moves closer to the woman who was charged as her protector. You'd think that the small wisp of a girl would be out of water by now, but her cheeks were still wet. "I'm Ashling." she mentioned with a soft wave, the SND on her wrist visible. Inappropriate time for introductions, maybe, but she needed something normal.
<Fawn> "Believe me, I know, but I've done this before... six years ago. The ambulance can go to Sanctum, just tell them that's the medical facilities you need." The hood turns towards Aisling, then she'll reach up to push it back enough her scaly face is visible, probably giving their anti-mutie rep over there dry heaves. "I'm Fawn."
<Sunder> And i've been doing this for years, we rarely wait when we can get our own back faster. (He sighs heavily) what the fookin 'ell did 'appen 'ere?
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<Aisling> "These guys were trying to get everyone mad at us, Ethan happened to be here." she said as if that's all the explanation that was really needed.
<Dietrich_Kappel> |The Remaining SoH guy would merely frown, as Fawn drew her hood back. The lot of them made him sick, but he said nothing. For the moment he was outnumbered and simply waiting for the cops to arrive. So are you guys going or waiting for the popo? |
* Daniel`Mystiq nodded when he was asked to stay "Sure."
* Fawn is waitin for t'e popo and t'e ambulance, eyah.
* Aisling will wait beside Fawn.
<Dillon> the sanctum has a full hospital!>>
* Sunder And just in time, the big fat heavy slow ambulance. Ethan would have bled out long ago if not for dillon. Now it was time for a very, very fun chat.
<Dietrich_Kappel> |A very fun chat that will be handwaved away in Iamnotrpingsalempdandemts fun|
* Fawn will calmly serve as the peaekeeper for the duration, subtly urging people ot be nice and honest with her powers and then vanishing into the night after promising to identify any members of the rioting group that toddled off if they don't come forward later like good boys?
<Dillon> Can't do much as his consciousness isn't exactly in his body right now
* Sunder Doesn't have much of anything to say. Though he'd listen intently to aisling's account
<Dietrich_Kappel> |Everyone present save for Ethan would be detained temporarily to provide statements. While the two knocked out people would be rushed to recieve medical care. Even if they were convinced to divert to teh sanctum, an armed police officer would be waiting in his room. As according to at least one witness and perhaps an on looker or two he'd techinically struck first..and one was known dead. Everyone else would be allowed to leave but be told to stay in touch.|
* Fawn had debated throwing on her null anklet before pulling down her hood, for the record, but suspects the anti-mutie activist doesn't think much of Jamaicans either. Bastard.
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