Uidry Invasion

Uidry Invasion

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Plot Name: Uidry Invasion

Timeframe: December 2011- January 2012

Characters Involved: Seven Sterling, Sisip Webster, Eden Abendroth, Julie Leon, Chloe Cane, Gabriel, Rick Calabro, Gina Stone, Willow Quercus, Noa, Fergus Lesley, Kevin Duncan, Shannon Myers, Krys Gallagher,Nicholas Langley, Marlo Cross, Miles Teg, Kayla Boyle, JJ Clark, Isabelle Clark, Jameson Clark, Ashlynne Clark, Malcolm Goodwin, Kevin Koski, Anthony Wagner, Wilber Whately, Wormwood, Theodore Montblanc


They came from above, from the distant stars, a race named the Uidry hellbent on stripping planets of their resources and moving to the next. Following the signal of a planetary refuge the Uidry came to earth to demand the single survivor only to change their minds when Rick Calabro, on a daring reconnaissance mission, accidentally poked their ship (a giant fish) in the eyeball.

Things quickly escalated, the Uidry now demanding poor Rick and giving a time limit. Sisip Webster rallied the troops and with Kevin Duncan dangling from the belly of the helicopter they, along with Anthony Wagner, provided a distraction while a team went into the fish itself to strike the first blow.

When the Uidry recovered from the attack they swarmed the Cobalt Campus kidnapping hundreds of people before they were finally driven back. Cobalt was at a loss with so many of it's people missing but finding the strength they banded together and did their own invading, forcing their way into the ship fish where they split into two groups, one to find the hostages and the other to find the 'bridge' and gain control of the vessel.

Unfortunately things never go according to plan and during the attack the ship was damaged beyond recovery. Though the heroes brought back their friends (even the poor Rick Calabro who had been subjected to hours upon hours of Gene Wilder movies) all but one of the Uidry, and the ship fish itself, died in the process.

The single alien being is held now, down below in the Maze, watched closely for any signs that others may be coming to rescue it and only time will tell if Cobalt is truly safe from the wrath of the Uidry.

News Updates: http://www.clevercanadian.com/cobalt/vi ... f=13&t=388
Meteor Storm: http://www.clevercanadian.com/cobalt/vi ... f=13&t=400
Unexpected Guests: http://www.clevercanadian.com/cobalt/vi ... f=25&t=404
Vessel Draws Closer: http://www.clevercanadian.com/cobalt/vi ... f=25&t=410
First Contact: http://www.clevercanadian.com/cobalt/vi ... f=25&t=412
Ship Revealed: http://www.clevercanadian.com/cobalt/vi ... f=25&t=414
Change of Demands: http://www.clevercanadian.com/cobalt/vi ... f=25&t=420
First Blood: http://www.clevercanadian.com/cobalt/vi ... f=25&t=422
Invasion and Abduction: http://www.clevercanadian.com/cobalt/vi ... f=25&t=425
Rescue Mission GO! : http://www.clevercanadian.com/cobalt/vi ... f=25&t=429
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