Established in 2007, Sully's is located in one of the most popular zones in Salem, MA. Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Sully's is not just a bar but also a show hall. A place to spend the night, enjoy a drink, to watch the strip tease show, to dance and to listen to music. An entertaining environment for all ages (over 18). The music is a mix of rhythms from the Brazilian, tropical, up to pop, rock and house. Sully's has multiple bars, main rooms, dance floors and VIP areas for both men and women and organize all kind of events for groups and bachelor/bachelorette parties.

The Basement

The lower level of Sully's, known simply as The Basement, is where the true magic happens. A series of comfortable conference rooms, insulated for soundproofing, can be found. The basement is a place where different alignments can come to negotiate or exchange information. A true neutral zone. The rule of neutrality is followed by all, any who break it are quickly removed from the building... voluntarily or forced.

Sully's is owned and managed by Vivian Shelton, a kind hearted woman from Ohio's heartland. After coming to Salem she became involved in the Mutant Community and saw a need for an establishment like Sully's. With a bit of help from her friends she opened Sully's to the public and has turned it into a safe haven for anyone who should choose to stop by.