Salem Visitor Organization

Chairman: Matthew Dawes

Mission Statement: "To provide a safe haven for all of Salem's citizens, to make a place where mutants can call home and see to the end of persecution."

The Salem Visitor Organization has been a part of Salem since the founding of Cobalt Academy on the edges of town. They have been instrumental in revitalizing the city and incorporating mutants into every day society. They have also helped to appropriately distribute funds granted to Salem by the United States government in order to prepare the city for the influx of mutants. Founded by Carlson Dawes, a noted mutant rights activist across the nation, the reigns of the organization have only recently been passed on to his son while Carlson has moved on to found similar organizations in other cities.

Up until recently the Salem Visitor Organization has been taken the shortened name of the SVO- but upon being appointed Chairman, Matthew Dawes has changed the scope of the organization. Now calling it SAVIOR, Dawes has negotiated with META to turn SAVIOR into a mutant protection agency. While the main function of SAVIOR is still the incorporation of mutants into regular society, they have been provided with weapons and equipment to handle humans committing terrorist actions and hate crimes against mutants, as well as equipment to deal with mutants who refuse to become peaceful members of society.

The full revitalization of SAVIOR has only recently been committed, but they, and Matthew Dawes in particular, have been at the forefront of fighting mutant sanctions on the political stage. They only seem to be picking up steam in the fight for mutant rights, but only time will tell how effective they can be.