Cobalt Hill Sanctum

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Cobalt Hill was once a mutant-specific school known as Cobalt Academy. Following a series of devastating attacks due to lax security and questionable protection, the Metahuman Enforcement and Tracking Agency (META) offered a helping hand, aiding in the repurposing of the school to the safe haven that it is today.

The sanctum lies just outside of Salem, Massachusetts, with its property line extending across several miles of forest. It is comprised of several buildings linked together, with large, bulletproof windows offering a view of the outside. The buildings themselves are made out of a highly resilient, steely silver material, its interior sporting spanning, well-lit corridors and pale blue walls that offer a welcoming atmosphere.

Large fields creep towards a high wall with mounted cameras in order to prevent trespassing. Several measures have been put into place to ensure that anyone who does illegally enter the grounds gets no further the front lawn. There are two security checkpoints that one must pass through to gain entry to the sanctum -- one just outside of the building itself, another at the towering gate in blue gunmetal. The farthest gate is remotely manned from the main security desk to prevent any casualties with guards, instead sporting several hidden cameras to observe any individuals who wish to enter or leave the grounds.

The sanctum will open its arms to any individuals who exhibit some form of seemingly supernatural abilities, whether mutant, metahuman, or even the inexplicable. Due to the nature of the facility, the only non-powered humans who will be permitted to live at the sanctum are relatives of those who do exhibit some manner of power.

While visitors are permitted on sanctum grounds, they must obtain a special pass from security and have limited access to the sanctum's facilities.