Cobalt Hill

Channel Rules

Respect the Setting! This is a modern day roleplay inspired by the Marvel universe. The majority of the roleplay takes place within Salem, Massachusetts after the city's change and expansion, so it is not identical to its real world counterpart! Please familiarize yourself with all the available information. To roleplay, you must first go through the quick and painless process of character submission on the forums. Canon characters, while they do exist, will not be found in roleplay.

A Note About the Roleplay: While combat-oriented play happens in events and plots, there is frequent downtime and day-to-day social play for character development a large portion of the time. If you want action-packed play at all hours of the day, THIS ROOM IS NOT FOR YOU. However, you need not depend on GMs to make things happen -- if things seem boring and you don't want to have your character sit around chatting, make your own excitement and others are likely to join in!

No Out-of-Character! Please keep out of character chatter and peanut gallery comments to a minimum while occupying the in-character rules. The out of character room exists for the purpose of chatting, so take your conversations there!

This is a Roleplaying Channel! Having a room full of twenty-something idlers and only three who roleplay with any consistency does nothing but draw trolls and bots. If you are in our rooms, you are expected to play at least sometimes -- why join an RP channel otherwise? People who spend all of their time idle without speaking, or in the out of character room with no intention of ever joining the roleplay at any point will be asked to leave. This does not include people who can only play at late hours due to work or school or people who simply wish to observe the RP before deciding to join -- you are welcome to do so.

Respect the Ops! Do not be rude or snarky with the ops. We do not get paid to run this channel. The word of the channel operators is final and non-negotiable, but keep in mind that we do try to treat all players fairly.

Respect for Your Fellow Player! We realize that not everyone is going to like everyone else. If this is the case, ignore the opposing party and do not make sniping comments. Harassing, insulting, offending or making players uncomfortable will not be tolerated. We are aware that players often make mean-spirited jokes with one another, but if an op tells you things are getting out of hand, stop. You will only be given one warning. Anyone found to be harassing someone else in PM will be banned from all rooms indefinitely.

NOTE: If you're found to be acting like a complete tool, the above rule may not be applied to those who are currently interacting with you.

Creepers! Do not openly troll for cybersex. Do not make it obvious that your only reason for playing here is to get people to cyber. If we find out you're hounding people for sexual RP in whisper and making them uncomfortable or killing their desire to be here, we will ban you, no questions asked.

No Kids Allowed! All rooms are considered 18+ due to the possibility of swearing, violence and other adult content. If you behave like a child, you will be removed from the channels. However, vulgar sexual displays should be kept to whispers or private channels.

God-Moding is Forbidden! Characters who are too powerful or one-dimensional will not be approved for play. Autohitting or assuming another character's actions is not allowed, unless it is part of a scene that has been agreed upon in PM beforehand between two players. Keep OOC and IC knowledge seperate and do not use your characters as information networks when you have been playing one and not the other.

Events & Storylines! The channel often has various storylines and social events running at any time. While no one is forced to participate in plots, any major events or changes to the setting should be acknowledged and reacted to accordingly! When a storyteller (ST) is running a storyline, please limit yourself to one post per 'round' so the ST has enough time to catch up and read everything.

Posting! Posts should not be excessively long or ridiculously tiny in order to prevent flooding of the rooms. If the channel is full and multiple people are playing, restrict your posts to 2 buffers (3 paragraphs). Additionally, the minimum acceptable length for any post is 2 lines or sentences (about half a paragraph). The only colors that should be seen in the roleplay channels are black, gray, purple, and maroon (for GM posts.). Despite what you may think, candy colored posts add no substance to the roleplay and more often than not irritate others.

Actions and Consequences! Out of character consent is usually required to do anything major to anybody's character (death, dismemberment, etc). However, failure to use common sense and having your character waltz headfirst into a stupid situation implies that you, the player, are aware of any possible consequences of such actions and are consenting to whatever befalls your character because of your decisions.

RP Masturbation! While we understand that once in a while an NPC is required to move a storyline forward, having entire scenes involving your own characters is frowned upon. We log in to a chatroom to RP with others, not just ourselves.

Three Strikes! We will not be giving people unlimited chances to screw up and grate on our nerves. Read these rules and understand them, for if we find that we need to warn you more than three times, you will find yourself banned from the channels.

The Golden Rule! Relax! It's a game, we're all here to have fun. Don't get bent out of shape over the happenings of an IRC channel. If you're stressed, step out before you get kicked. Bad blood should never be brought into our rooms, and anyone seen to be causing drama will be asked to leave.