Character Upgrades and Recalls

This is a free-form channel, which means that there is no experience, no gold, no equipment. The desire to RP should come from the enjoyment of creating a story with others. We do, however, offer upgrades to characters; the reason why student characters tend to start out young and inexperienced. Upgrades are not gained based simply on the length of time that a character has been active. Instead, upgrades will be awarded based on participation. This comes in two parts.

Daily Activity and Event Participation

Characters which are frequently active in the channel or those who participate in planned events will be granted what we term "superficial" upgrades. What these consist of are increases in time, distance, range, and other similar limitations.

Storyline Participation and Role

Those characters who participate in storylines will be awarded power upgrades which will be reflective of the role and contribution of the character in question. However, some things to consider. If you play the gloryhound to the point that you're forcing other players out of the storyline, no upgrades will be awarded. If you forcefully interject your character into situations that do not fit that character, likewise no upgrades will be awarded. This is reward and incentive for people to participate and further develop their characters, not a way for you to make your character a god.

Power Upgrades

Participating in storylines may be granted a sub-power, which is an additional effect or development of the original power. For instance, someone with pyrokinesis may develop the ability to create flame as a sub-power to the original pyrokinesis. However, it should be noted that this sub-power will begin very weak, beginning level and will have to be upgraded through the same means as other abilities.

In addition it should be noted that these changes are made to allow for further character development and to encourage people to actually play and interact. Pestering or begging operators for character upgrades will not get them for you, nor will being a gloryhog and taking over storylines. Ultimately the operators have the finally authority on who does, or doesn't get an upgrade.

Rarely, a character has been active over several major storylines may receive access an additional power slot. Keep in mind, however, that characters who are already extremely powerful within the setting will not qualify.

Character Recalls

The channel ops reserve the right to recall an approved character currently in play, or recently posted, for a reworking or review of powers if the majority of ops believes such a review has become necessary. This can lead to one of several outcomes:

The character is returned to play with no changes made

The character's powers or background changes

The character's powers are strengthened

The character's powers are weakened

The character is removed from the setting and then placed in the denied area of the forum

Players are also welcome to approach the pps at any point to discuss their own characters. Be it asking about an upgrade, a rework or anything else. Don't be shy!