Recreation & Training Hall

Floor 1

The rec hall is divided into several sections and two 'floors'. The first floor entrance leads to a couch-filled, carpeted lounge area with an entertainment center on one wall. It also features numerous vending machines and a small kitchen where meals and snacks may be prepared for gatherings.

Beyond can be found several hallways; the first leading to a large gym and fully equipped workout area, adjacent to locker rooms, sauna and showers. For those who wish to train without the use of the simulators (or find the simulators occupied), two large rooms with adequate padding are accessible from behind the gym.

An alternate exit leads to an modern-style indoor pool, Olympic-sized. What is unique about the pool is that while it holds the illusion of being a single unit, it has been split down the middle, with one section a normal, chlorine-filled pool, the other akin to a small lagoon with a natural filtration system in place of chemicals.

Another hallway grants access to the Assembly Hall, typically used for large meetings and announcements as well as social gatherings and so on.

Then, flush against first-floor walls are two staircases, side by side: one leads down to the in-ground simulation chambers. The other leads up to Floor 2 of the recreation hall.

Floor 2

Floor 2 is split: one side is a pool bar with darts, trivia contests, music, and lots of tables, chairs, and various private-party areas with lounge, leisure, and music by request. The atmosphere is of a genuine pool bar, dimmed lighting and no windows, so as to emulate night no matter when you enter. Through a small door lies a cozier, dimmer section of the bar where those who are 21 and older are permitted access to alcohol, provided they present their ID -- all cards issued by Cobalt Hill are chipped, flagging any underage individuals.

The other side is the arcade, equipped with airhockey, ping pong, foosball, pinball, multiple popular video games, etcetera. Parts of these games overlook the pool, which splits the bar and arcade in half. The rec hall can be accessed at any time of day.