Plot Creation

Players are welcome to run events and storylines, both small and large. Of course, large-scale storylines that are going to affect a lot of characters require the approval of an op to get started, but will usually be approved provided it's not an over-the-top concept and no major, channel-wide SLs are in progress at the time. Spontaneous, one-shot SLs should not majorly affect the setting in any way, and the entirety of the idea should always be run by an OP before execution. If you have a channelwide storyline idea, feel free to PM one of the ops either via here or IRC if we're around. We've provided you with a convenient guideline to use when submitting storyline and event ideas which should be sent via PM to an operator.

A few things to note when thinking up storylines!

Player villains may not become 'plot active' without permission from the ops. This is to prevent having too many storylines going on at one time. Similarly, even if one villain's storyline has come to an end or a pause, does not mean that we will allow another to immediately begin. This is because we'd like for people to have some downtime. Villainous characters who are publicly violent and destructive may be maimed and attacked and harmed at any time without op permission.

Villain scenes are not to be played unless one or more ops are present, nor may they cause any sort of massive changes to the settings unless given the okay by the ops.

It is YOUR responsibility, not the ops, to come up with summaries of the events that took place during the SL and post them on the board so that players have the opportunity to play catchup.

Storylines should not revolve around a single character so that they may play hero or be a glory hog.

Keeping this in mind, feel free to PM one of the channel ops with your ideas for large, ongoing plots via the forum. Make sure you include simple information like the following.

Plot Goal Save the cheerleader, save the world; the focus of the storyline.

Antagonists Villains and NPCs involved. If they are not yet fully written up, give a brief summary of who they are and what they do.

Protagonists Any NPCs who will be aiding player characters. If they are not yet fully written up, give a brief summary of who they are and what they do.

Synopsis Explain the sequence of events, what should happen and when. Use RL times in between events if possible for better planning. Include things such as the motivation of the villain or villains involved. You are NOT required to give away big plot spoilers unless you believe they will affect the setting in some way.

Things Needing Approval Tech, places, NPCs, weapons of mass destruction -- anything that requires an operator to approve.

Naturally, small events do not need special approval. Spontaneous chaos DOES require op permission, however. Ask, give a general idea of what your event will involve, and chances are that it will be given the okay to go right then and there. Please note that nightly bouts of random villains can get repetitive, and we do encourage players to come up with engaging storylines that involve more than simply beating up the monster of the week.