Other Areas of Interest

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At a glance, the housing facility looks to be more like a huge hotel than anything. This is not entirely off the mark. They have been designed with comfort and practicality in mind. The housing facility spans a total of five floors, accessible through entrances on the first or second floors of the sanctum. The first two floors are dedicated to those living on campus who are under the age of twenty-one, the second reserved for those who over the age of twenty-one, while the third consisting of higher-class setups usually occupied by staff members or individuals with large families. They often resemble small houses, even having the option of multiple floors. The setup allows for as much privacy as possible, the walls muffling even the loudest of music and sounds.

Each floor is accessible by stairs or elevator, and each floor houses a sizable laundry room, though it is entirely possible for individual units to be installed within a home.

There are several types of housing units -- they may be in a studio apartment style for the younger residents, larger, spanning condo setups for staff members, etc. Apartments may have balconies, those on the first floor may have small patios, so on and so forth.

The rooftop of the housing facility has been converted into a comfortable, covered overlook that provides protection from the elements... as long as they're falling straight down. One can see the entire sanctum as well as the forest surrounding the area from the roof, which has several lawn chairs set up for skywatching and stargazing.


The administration building is located between the medical center and housing facilities. The front desk of the administration ward always has a clerical staff member present -- usually Faefae, the winged, redheaded bubbly secretary. This building is where individuals may go for all things regarding housing, registration, visitor's passes, parking permits and so on. This is also where most of the staff offices and mailboxes reside, as well as the lost and found.


The medical center is quickly spotted and features several easily accessible entrances from both the A and B floors. It serves as a fully functioning hospital with a fair-sized staff, able to handle everything from minor bumps and bruises to most types of surgeries.


There are a total of four security kiosks manned by two men apiece spanning across the sanctum, accessible from both floors. The guards stationed there are always available for help, questions, and assistance with any emergency situations. One must check in at the main security desk before entering and leaving the grounds.nds.


The underground parking garage is located at the western end of the sanctum. There are spaces designated for staff members, and visitors must acquire passes from the front security kiosk in order to use the garage. Behind the Sanctum, a large flattop for aerial units (small fix winged aircraft or helicopters) can be found.


What is housed beneath the sanctum is not known to the general public. The X-team HQ has been instituted, with a large meeting room and lounge as well as the office of Mr. Marcus Gains. In addition, the security kiosks offer guards a means to access the main security hub, which also rests underground. The Maze is a source of constant rumors among residents of the sanctum, with talks of a long twisting labyrinth and holding cells that contain some of Salem's most dangerous mutant and metahuman criminals. Each cell is surrounded by a potent dampening field that dulls, if not completely cuts off an individual's powers, though this has yet to be tested on individuals whose powers come from anything but the X-gene.