Mutant Technology

Safety Neutralizing Device

Note: The following item is only authorized for distribution by META agents and Cobalt Hill officials, reserved for those mutants whose powers are determined to pose a danger to themselves or others. Anyone found to be in possession of an Illegal SND will be arrested, facing fines and jail time.

SNDs, or Safety Neutralizing Devices (also known as inhibitors, dampeners, etc.) are given to students who have abilities that can either harm themselves or others and have not yet learned how to completely control them.

Each SND has its own electronic signal to allow the identification of the individual's power.. A damaged SND should immediately be removed and taken to the security booth or administration building.

The students may remove these SNDs any time they choose. These are designed to limit the powers, so the student may still use them to learn.

On the opposite side of the spectrum are security SNDs: locking neck collars, cuffs, even anklets. They are thick and bulky but comfortable. These are used only in serious, dangerous situations. These are designed to go on quickly can only be removed by staff members or META agents.

All SNDs are engraved with a serial number and a distinct marker that identifies the wearer as a mutant.

Mobile Inhibitor Field

Note: The following item is only authorized for use by META officials and Cobalt Hill security detail. Any non-authorized personnel found to be in possession of a mobile inhibitor will be arrested, facing fines and jail time.

When an individual is unable to be captured and their powers safely neutralized, or a group of mutants are required to be subdued, the Cobalt security team may make use of a mobile SND. It comes in the form of a disc roughly the size of a dinner plate, with a dome-like shape over the top.

The mobile inhibitor field is capable of creating a dampening field in a radius spanning approximately 20 yards outward (though its range can be remotely adjusted) that is capable of blocking the use of most mutants' powers -- extremely high powered mutants may experience a reduced, or no effect at all.

Holographic Disguise Watch

Note: The following item is has been determined to be unlawful by government officials. Anyone found in possession of a holographic disguise watch will be arrested, facing fines and possibly jail time.

Built from the same technology that brought the SND to Cobalt Academy, there is now a special 'wristwatch' which serves as a holographic projector in order to disguise one's self and offer a more human appearance. The H-watch is waterproof and highly durable. It has a rather short battery life but comes with additional battery supply.