Floor B

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The second floor of the sanctum is accessible through one of two elevator banks or several stairwells (or in the case of those who can fly, the slotted 'passages' leading from the first floor). It is primarily made up of various research and educational facilities that are usable by anyone and a few that require special clearance to access. There is also a walkway that overlooks the courtyard, crossing over to the administration ward and medical center at the northernmost end of the hallway.

The biology, computer, and chemistry labs can be found on this floor, catering to those individuals at Cobalt Hill who have chosen to delve into various fields of research, many for the benefit of META's goals. All but the computer lab require a special ID to access.

While no longer officially a school, Cobalt Hill has given younger residents access to tutors to get them as far as their high school education, allowing them to receive a diploma and go on to attend college if they so desire. Many courses in a high school curriculum are taught, and online education options are available.

Cobalt Hill also houses a hydroponic bay in order to grow plants and produce, which anyone may access.

Medical, science and general supplies are held safely within each storage room, large enough for multiple people to enter at any one time. A staff ID is required to gain access to each room.