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The first floor of the sanctum consists largely of numerous amenities and resources for young refugees and residents alike. The temperature inside of the entire facility is kept at a constant, comfortable level so as not to offend those with delicate physiologies, only altered in individual housing units. Numerous bulletin boards can be seen scattered throughout the long, spanning corridors, typically used to advertise services, items for sale, and events within the sanctum. Numerous benches are scattered throughout the corridor for those who wish to look out onto the front lawn or into the courtyard. The ceilings are extremely high up, allowing those with flight and gliding capabilities ample room to soar, with slotted openings just in front of the windows enabling them to fly up to the second floor if they wish.


A sprawling courtyard lies at the center of the sanctum, a small pond with a spouting fountain at its heart. Numerous benches lie scattered in the grass, with several small footpaths leading to the various entryways that lead back indoors. The courtyard is marked by tall trees and spanning fields of grass as well as various shrubs and several small outdoor gardens along with a hedge maze and small greenhouse, which seems more like a botanical garden. The greenhouse is kept in a warm, humid state all year round.


See: Recreation & Training Hall


Given the unique tastes of the mutants and metahumans that reside at Cobalt Hill, the eatery was turned into a specialty dine-in, serving numerous types of dishes catering to all sorts of different tastes for those cannot or don't want to cook for themselves. It spans two 'floors' and displays a television in every corner. Food stops being prepared at 10 PM, and stops being served at midnight.


Part grocer, part convenience store. The Hill Mart serves first as a small grocery store, usually for those who cannot leave campus for any reason, carrying most basic home needs. It also serves as a convenience store, open twenty-four hours a day and serving various 'junk' desires. The market can be accessed at any time of day.


Cobalt Hill's library rivals that of the one found out in Salem, with books on numerous subjects saturating its aisles. It also features a quiet study lounge and access to computers. The library is open until 9 PM every day.