Near the edge of the city and nestled between a used book store and pawn shop is a standard greasy spoon. Above the yellowing Plexiglas windows is a red neon sign that occasionally flickers; the E has burnt out, leaving the cafe's name DIN R. A crooked, grimy sign hanging on the inside of the door is smudged with fingerprints and seems to always be turned so that it reads OPEN. Upon opening, the door always creaks and complains and is in desperate need of an oiling; to further grate on the nerves, it strikes against a broken bell that goes 'thunk' on a good day.

Everything inside the diner seems to be of considerable age: everything is outdated and mismatched, broken things replaced by whatever was found at the local flea market. The waitresses, dressed in faded pink uniforms and crowded near the end of the counter don't bother to look up from whatever entertainment they've found, whether it is a game on their phone or a pornographic novel.

The cleanliness of the place seems to be low: dirt is ground into the cracked tiles and the grout has blackened with age. The mirrors hanging behind the stained counter have cracks running across them. A porky cook occasionally glances out of the serving window, cheeks swollen with food. The air reeks of stale coffee, grease and cheap cigarette smoke. There are various pictures of once-popular celebrities gracing the wall and a couple shelves display treasures such as: a large seashell lamp featuring a flamingo and little plastic palm trees, a bobblehead of Elvis and a couple comic books that aren't worth the paper they're printed on.

Despite the condition of the place, it has gained some popularity due to the shockingly outstanding food and coffee offered and low prices. The staff, while on the rude side, don't bat a lash at the strangest of mutants: everyone is welcome no matter how odd. Which is strange because the staff, who never seems to change shifts or leave, all seem quite normal. But to the mutants that possess the ability to sense others with the x-gene, it would be clear that the diner isn't as mundane as it appears...

The Staff

Flo: the oldest waitress, also wears the skimpiest of uniforms. She is the most friendly and outgoing of the DIN R staff and goes out of her way to make the young male patrons feel welcome. Grey hair, silver eyes, manicured nails. Ability: pausing and reversal of time.

Madison: the youngest of The Twins. Her skin tone is very dark, almost black, and she has a quick temper but is more helpful than her sister. Blonde and blood red hair, woven into dreadlocks with white seashells on the ends. Hazel eyes, hourglass figure and unreasonably long fingernails. Ability: strong telepathy, resistant to telepathy and is a lie detector. Can communicate with her sister via telepathy, sending and receiving. Both are waitresses.

Shaniqua: the older of The Twins. Her appearance is the same as Madison's but has dice decorating her dreads, dyed black and electric blue. Ability: strong telekinesis.

Cook: The cook. While the other staff speculate that he has an actual name, nobody is aware of it. He is the owner of DIN R and is responsible for every tasty dish that gets served. He doesn't take criticism well but has no qualms with preparing specialty foods to order: he caters to every food allergy and even keeps a good selection of kosher foods on hand. Some might be able, if they see enough of him through the small window leading to the kitchen, to recognize him as a heroic has-been. Once he was known as The Hunter, renowned for his marksmanship and athleticism, he is now little more than a 'was'. Bald, obese, hairy and wears a filthy apron covered in questionable stains. Ability: Complete invulnerability, excellent marksmanship.