Sanctum Rules

"As residents of Cobalt Hill, you represent not only the sanctum, but the mutant and metahuman community at large. Your actions will effect how the public sees us, not just those of us seeking refuge here, but our kind everywhere. Please bear this in mind when making decisions about your actions."

This being the initial statement new arrivals will hear in regards to expectations of behavior, naturally Cobalt Hill comes with various policies and regulations, which are contained within the following:

Living Arrangements

There is a single living facility that is divided into several floors, separated by different age groups. One can live alone or with roommates, however, anyone under the age of 18 is restricted to a same-sex roommate unless they are related. Residents are expected to keep the hallways and laundry rooms clean and clear of clutter or graffiti.

Pets on Campus

Refugees and residents are allowed to have pets on campus grounds, but these pets must be registered with security. Any individual found in possession of an unregistered pet will be given ten days to register the pet or they will be forced to remove the pet from campus grounds. All animals must have up to date vaccinations and proper registration. Excluding service animals, pets are allowed only in 'pet friendly' areas, which are typically the housing facility, courtyard, and rec center. Owners are reminded that they are responsible and will be held accountable for the actions of their pets, and that they are required to 'pick up' after their pets. At this time Cobalt Hill allows small caged, tanked animals to moderately sized breeds of dogs. Those mutants with the ability to create animals are required to register said creations with security and to abide by the same rules as ordinary pets. The size of pets may be negotiable based on circumstance, if the animal in question proves to be well mannered and behaved. Note that these rules do not apply to service animals.

Alcohol on Campus

Posession of alcohol is permitted, but only if the individuals are above the age of 21 (living on the third floor of the living quarters and up). Anyone found supplying alcohol to minors, or any minors found with alcohol in their possession will be warned only once. Public drunkenness is also not tolerated.

Drugs on Campus

Illegal drugs are absolutely prohibited on Cobalt Hill grounds, and controlled substances which are considered legal must have a prescription available upon request, or be filled from the campus infirmary. Individuals found with controlled substances will be issued a written warning on the first offense, suspension on the second, and on the third expulsion with the possibility of law enforcement being involved, depending on the severity of the offense.

Weapons on Campus

Any weapons brought onto sanctum grounds must fall within legal parameters of MA law, must be legally registered, and must also be registered with campus security. Residents are required to provide security with a complete inventory. Additionally, residents must provide proper legal documentation stating that they are authorized to carry such weaponry, including Firearm Owner Identification and or carry permits.

Curfew for Minors

Because Cobalt Hill administration assume responsibility for all underage individuals who live on its grounds, a curfew is instated for those students under the age of 18. Individuals who are not yet of legal age are required to be back on campus grounds by 12:00am sanctum time (1:00am on weekends) and may not leave campus grounds again until 5:00am sanctum time.